DPS Communications supports you in building a communications strategy and corporate brand, developing and managing your print/electronic media, and dealing with the press in a way that reflects the quality and professionalism of your organization.

DPS provides English language copywriting and editing for clients in the areas of international business, culture and the arts. We develop or perfect copy for a range of PR vehicles including advertisements, annual reports, company literature, magazine articles, media releases, newsletters, speeches and websites. DPS captures your message in

a language and style that boosts your image as an organization, delivering quality and value to its clients.

Event Moderation
We offer English-language moderation for conference, seminars and workshops customized to fit clients’ requirements. Successful event moderation combines rapid information analysis and synthesis, oratory ability, linguistic skill, and an ability to engage both speakers and audience in a focused exchange of ideas. Moreover, moderation in flawless English reflects powerfully on the host’s standing as a global player. Our approach combines these elements in a way that enhances every event.

We translate documents from German, Russian and French into English. Our translation methods go beyond a verbatim rendition of one language into another. We capture the meaning of the text in a second language that sounds like itself, rather than an awkward version of the original language. We work quickly and professionally to produce elegant translations that convey exactly what you want to say with the grammatical and stylistic accuracy of a native speaker.